Why customers love H-DOX  
Dr. William Greenberg M.D, Skin Thera P, Dermatology Clinic, New York
I have been using H-DOX in my office for over 4 years. It was the best decision I ever made. My office is now paperless and access to my medical records from anywhere became common place since they are now securely accessible from a browser over the internet. The system is intuitive, fast, and easy to use by my staff and myself. Since H-DOX is a cloud based system, we didn't have to worry about purchasing server hardware or backup services as this was all taken care of for us. The company has been very innovative, coming out with new features and enhancements often. Both my staff and myself love the scheduling system as it is so easy to use and streamlines the front office.
Dr. Meir Salama, Progressive Gastroenterology, NYC
The H-DOX EHR and Practice Management system has been easy to understand and use for both myself and my office staff. We recently started using their integrated billing system as well, which makes it even simpler because everything is handled in the same software package. H-DOX has definitely improved the work flow of my practice. The best thing about H-DOX is that I can access my patient’s charts from the comfort of my home. This allows me to spend more time with my family.
Deirdre Gallow, Obgyn, Bergen
I was reflecting on how much Bergen Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates has grown in efficiency and accuracy since we began utilizing the H-DOX EHR & Practice Management system. September, 2011 was a very exciting and anxious time for our practice. Most of the employees, me included, were never trained nor used computers in our work place. The support and reassurance we received from the H-DOX staff was unforgettable and above and beyond anything we could have anticipated.
      Looking back on that “scary day” I realize how unnecessary our fears were; we have become “self-proclaimed experts” in H-DOX. The H-DOX system is the easiest user -friendly system one could work on. It is set up in a logical manner with a common sense approach to medical care. When a question or concern arises a quick phone call is made, answered by H-DOX support staff and a solution is had within minutes. When a question or concern arises, the H-DOX support staff always provides a quick resolution.  
      Working with you and your team has been an enjoyable experience and one I will not forget. The H-DOX team shows courtesy to clients and has been patient, professional and receptive to my many requests. I want you to know how refreshing it is to work with this fine group of individuals.  
    Dr. Solomon Rivera, General Surgery, St Josephs Medical Center, Yonkers  
We’ve been using H-DOX EHR and Practice Management for almost two years. The program is easy to learn and use, and is very affordable. The training and support from H-DOX staff is greatly appreciated and beyond expectations. We highly recommend H-DOX for anyone considering starting an EHR system in their office.
Dr. Ritu Suri, Internal Med & Geriatrics
H-DOX EHR and PM is an easy, intuitive, user-friendly program. It is web-based, so I can check a patient’s records from home or anywhere where I get Internet access. H-DOX has made the transition from paper to electronic records easy for my staff and I. Support has been great and we are always able to get a quick resolution to any issues. In addition, this year we were able to collect our incentive money for documenting Meaningful Use information. I would highly recommend H-DOX to anyone looking for a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-use EHR and PM .